Watch This Car Chase from 3-30-19,

then read my Editorial on why CHP & LAPD

are the REAL danger in these chases!



Because of the outbreak of The Corona Virus, , oil prices have been tumbling WORLDWIDE. Opec has taken to Emergency Session to cut production to address the falling prices which have not happened in years.

This could result in the USA (and other countries seeing) a DRAMATIC drop in a gallon gas price in March.  Don't get too used to it. They usually find a way to recoup their losses....but in the meantime.....we will save at the pump.



Editorial on the death of a HERO trying to help a pedestrian here in Los Angeles, only to be killed by someone who ran HER over as she went back to her car.

On the evening of January 12, Dep. Sheriff Amber Leist, a 12 year beteran of the Dept, was off duty when she saw a pedestrian fall in the middle of the boulevard in Valley Village. She pulled her personal car over to jump out and help the pedestrian and after getting them to sefety, she want back to her OWN car only to be run down like a dog in the middle of the street and killed.

I am NOT a betting man, but I would empty the back if I had to bet that the driver who killed her WAS OH THE PHONE, like every other driver in L.A. 

THIS HAS TO STOP. We MUST pass laws to severly punish ANYONE who is using their telephone while the vehicle is in motion....even HANDS FREE. Every reputable study shows that there is NO DIFFERENCE between the danger of the phone IN YOUR AND and hands free.....when you TALK on a are simply disconnected from the road.....FULL STOP....NO EXCEPTIONS.

We must educate the public along with LOSE YOUR LICENSE LAWS of you endanger every other driver with this potentially fatal behaviour. RIP Dep Sheriff Amber Leist.



Here is a safety guest blog from



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Since 1987, KENNY MORSE, is better known as "MR. TRAFFIC" to his viewers on Television, on his many radio shows and in his famed traffic school classes at The Improv Traffic School. 

In the world of driving safety there is only ONEname synonymous in the media with driving safety and that is "MR. TRAFFIC."  


Starting on KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles in 1990 as Bill Handel's "Driving Guru" for all traffic citation and driving advice, "MR. TRAFFIC" has grown since then to be a multi-award winning talk show host, has appeared on many television shows, been given many driving safety awards and is the most written about Driving Safety Advocate in America, which included a 5 page profile done on "MR. TRAFFIC" in the prestigious New Yorker Magazine. (see link above)


In his role as "MR. TRAFFIC,"  Kenny Morse tries to raise the awareness of all drivers that driving IS the most dangerous thing we do in our lives and that we all have to drive as if our lives depended on it.  As the #1 most requested "Comedy" Traffic School Teacher in Los Angeles, Kenny has been working hard to make the roads of America a safer place.




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