KENNY MORSE, is better known as "Mr. TRAFFIC" to his viewers on Television, on the news, on his many radio shows and his famed traffic school classes at The Improv Traffic School. 


In 1990, he took a detour from the world of acting to create MR. TRAFFIC on KFI AM Los Angeles as Bill Handel's "Driving Guru" for all traffic citation and driving advice, MR. TRAFFIC has grown since then to be a multi-award winning talk show host, has appeared on many television shows, been given many driving safety awards and the most written about Driving Safety Advocate in America,

He is a Keynote Speaker for many groups including all branches of the U.S. Military, corporations, universities and high schools, which include his multi-media "comedic" presentations driving safety, especially for teenagers and combating "Impaired Driving."


In his role as Mr. Traffic,  Kenny Morse tries to raise the awareness of all drivers that driving IS the most dangerous thing we do in our lives and that we all have to drive as if our lives depended on it. 

MR. TRAFFIC appears on FOX11 News in Los Angeles frequently as well as many other TV/Radio outlets.