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Before I start seeing people post "I don't have to pay my parking ticket cause my car was chalked and the 6th Circuit Court Of Appeals" ruled it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL......let me explain:


The 6th Circuit Court Of Appeals only covers Its jurisdiction.....includes all of Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentucky.


You are NOT allowed ANYWHERE to extend the time you stay in a parking space either by adding more money to the meter, or just staying there. A Parking Enforcement person (who many people believe eat their own)...will "Chalk" your tire and if you are still there when they come back that way....EVEN IF THERE IS TIME LEFT IN THE METER....you WILL get an expensive parking ticket.


The court found that in those states, that is unconstitutional. I won't go into the WHY or the WHY NOTS....just accept that unless you are in those states...….if you get chalked.....YOU HAVE TO PAY. Parking in an expensive lot would be WAY cheaper.


Here is the story from NPR. https://www.npr.org/2019/04/23/716248823/court-says-using-chalk-on-tires-for-parking-enforcement-violates-constitution