Kenny Morse has been appearing on local and national television as "Mr. Traffic" since 1990. Having started his teaching career in 1987 and becoming the #1 most requested "Comedy Traffic School" teacher in California by 1990, Kenny started his "Mr. Traffic" moniker on radio station KFI-AM 640 as a regular contributor to the "Handel On The Law" show Saturdays.

He decided to go to what was then "Century Cable" in LA and started his public service show "ASK MR. TRAFFIC" on their widely seen Public Access channel and what followed was a torrent of publicity and notice by local, nationl and international press.  His funny but "eneyclopedic" knowledge of California and national driving laws, made "ASK MR. TRAFFIC" "appointment telvision" for his cable viewers.  The show became the LONGEST RUNNING LIVE CALL-IN SHOW (17 years) till Time/Warner Cable decided to pull its Public Access channels entirely. 

Kenny then became a regular contributor to every Los Angeles news station, was profiled twice on "EXTRA" and did feature reports for CNN and The Travel Channel, the CBS Evening News, many network television shows and is still seen on Los Angeles news often, commenting on driving related issues.


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